Rad Na Granici- uputstva kouču

Prezentacija dr Zorana Ilića www.masterskills.co.rs sa radionice Rad na granici na Prvoj egionalnoj koučing konferenciji Playing a word game održane u Beogradu 5.3.2015. u organizaciji Erickson Coaching International Serbia.
Working on the border
Zoran Ilic*
This workshop is about what to do when the coach is facing with unusual situation with the coachee who are displaying symptoms of mental health problems.The coach need to know what to look for, how to build the picture and what to do. This sets out to help them decide whether coaching is appropriate, and if not, what the options may be. If the coach fails to identify the warning signs, then coaching will be unsuccessful and may even be harmful for the client. How can coaches identify feelings and behaviours which are not normal? How can the coach decide whether coaching should continue? And what are the ethical, and business issues involved? What is the best option for the client- psychotherapy or coaching?

*Zoran Ilić is psychotherapist, trainer and coach owner of MasterSkills training&coaching center and psychotherapist in private practice.

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